Jet_Problem Solved

Solve your billing problems with Jet Billing, an online solution designed to meet the complex billing needs of Data, Voice and Utilities providers. Jet Billing is also available to purchase as a modifiable and customisable billing system with source code for larger providers, universities and schools.

Jet Billing is ideal for small to large providers who are looking for a flexible, scaleable and integrated billing system to manage, track and bill resources and services. Jet’s flexibility is in its ability to provide convergent billing within the one realm. Companies can use a single Jet realm to integrate into a data network, upload CDRs or integrate to a PABX/Call Manager, integrate into hosting platforms and input electricity, gas and water usage to provide billing, invoicing and rating for Data, Voice and Utilities billing, as well as much more.

For more details on exactly what Jet can provide you, see below.