Billing and reporting for Utilities is as simple as possible with Jet’s new hosted solution. Upload of multiple meter read formats allows Utilities companies to use Jet for more than one meter type or resource type. Below is a list of Utilities specific features. For a full list of stand features, see How Jet Works – Billing for Everyone.

Gas, Water & Electricity

Jet provides billing, raing and invoicing for Gas, Water and Electricity, enabling Utilities companies to have a single source for all their billing needs.


Invoices can be set up to provide users with a combined invoice for all their services, or can be broken out for different services, so users can have one or multiple bills.

Meter integration

Jet collects meter reads to provide billing and rating, importing NEM12 & NEM13, MDEF and MODBUS formats. Further formats are being added, so please contact Obsidian if you require a new importer.

Peak and Off-Peak classifications

Jet can differentiate peak and off-peak classifications for billing and rating, allowing clients to set up calander-based billing.


Jet’s online reporting provides full breakdowns of usage data to your users, allowing users to view their metered usage and view comparison graphs to keep track of usage trends.

Payment Gateway

Jet supports real-time credit card and direct debit processing via a range of payment gateways, and provides automated actions on overdue accounts.

Customer Care Portal

The customer care portal allows you to define services that your customers can access through Jet’s online customer care portal. This includes simple tasks such as checking usage, viewing and paying invoices and updating personal information, through to changing plans and ordering new services.