Jet provides voice and data billing for company’s on the forefront of converged service provisioning. Jet has been specifically designed to meet the Telecommunications and ISP billing markets with built-in features including customer self-care, pre and post-paid billing, wireless access support, integration with a range of network devices, and much more. Below is a list of Data specific features. For a full list of stand features, see How Jet Works – Billing for Everyone.

Edge Device Integration

The edge device module provides integration and support for network devices using an optional edge device. This module enables customers to enforce login at the network edge, track usage, and apply Quality of Service and rate limiting rules based on plan definitions in the Jet system.

Note, exact feature set available differs slightly from edge device to edge device, but the basics (captive portal, authentication, accounting, and rate limiting) are available on all devices.

The benefits of integration into a Network Edge Device include allowing reporting on user usage such as Applicationa dn URL information with Jet’s Report Server option.

Supported devices include:

New edge devices are being added regularly, and integration can also be requested by customers for specific devices, so please contact us if your preferred device is not listed.

Wireless & 802.1X Intergration

In addition to integrating into the wired data network, Jet can also be used for the wireless network.

IP Management

The IP Manager module enables management of your IP address ranges within Jet, including mapping of static IPs to individual customers and allocation of IP blocks to pools of dynamic IP customers. VLAN Management is also available depending on Network setup.

Quota Management

Jet ISP & Telco comes with Quota Management customisation as per customer requirements. Jet provides both post-paid and pre-paid quota management, along with a customer care portal that can include credit card payments for further quota.

Report Server – Data

The Jet Billing System has a Reporting Server Module that requires a secondary server to provide a number of suites of reports to clients.

All reports in the Report server are baked hourly, daily and monthly, and can be sorted and searched through the interface. A number of reports also come with Graphs (highlighted with a #)

  1. URL reports
    • Global URL report including hostname aggregation with click through to full URL report.
    • User URL report including hostname aggregation with click through to full URL report.
  1. Application reports #
    • Addition of Summary to Application in Global Usage Over Time, User Usage Over Time and User Usage for IP Over Time
    • Global Usage Over Time for Application and Summary to Top 20 Users.
    • User Usage Over Time For Application and Summary to Top 20 IPs.
    • User Usage For IP Over Time For Application|
  2. Usage Reports – #
    • Global Usage Over Time and Summary to Top 20 users.
    • User Usage Over Time and Summary to Top 20 IPs.
    • User Usage For IP Over Time
  3. Server Metrics: #
    • Memory
    • CPU
    • Requests per second (eg Login, logouts etc)
    • Request type (eg, Radius, SNMP, Captive Portal etc)
    • Number of connections
    • Response time
  4. Financial report – eg export to finance system – typically baked monthly

Being the creators of Jet, Obsidian Consulting are available to customise Jet.