Look at a sample list of plans

Look at the plan-list for the user called ‘csaw’. You should see something like that shown inFigure 47. We see here that the user is subscribed a single or several plans. To get to this list, you need to:

  • Make sure you are editing the correct user – ‘csaw’ in this case.
  • Select the ‘User’ functional Area using the ‘User’ tab in the upper navigation bar.
  • Select the ‘Products’ contextual tool using the left navigation bar.


Figure 49: An individual product for this user

*Don’t confuse the User–>Products tool with the ‘Products’ functional area.

The User–>Products tool shows a list of products that are assigned to a particular user. It is reached by first using the ‘User’ link on the upper navigation bar, and then the ‘Products’ link on the left-hand navigation bar. It will list the products assigned to the user you are currently editing (see the main Jet ‘User Manual’ for information about selecting a user for editing) Further information about the User–>Products tool can be found in the main Jet User Manual, in the ‘User Area’ chapter.

The  ‘Products’ functional area shows all products which currently exist in your system, and allows you to edit these and to create new products.  It is reached using the upper   navigation bar. The products functional area, also known as the ‘plan manager’, is the topic of the current manual.*

Check if the ‘fnn’ service-data type is attached to a plan to which the user is subscribed

Now return to the product manager and look at the bundle ‘Uow’ –> ‘Fixed Voice’ product. Looking at the bottom on the screen (using the scroll bars if needed) look for an item similar to Figure 48. If it not there, then you can add service data to this plan by clicking the “Add Service Data” button at the top.


Figure 48: Part of plan description that indicates service data exists

Return to that user’s list of current products (see the instructions given in step 1 above for how to do this). Observe the “More Info” button next to plans with a Service Name of “Voip Voice”. You can see this in Figure 49. We will use this button to give a sample a value for the fnn of his starter broadband plan.

Give a value for the ‘fnn’ for this plan


Figure 50: Additional Product information

To give or alter the value for the fnn, click the ‘More Info’ button, shown in Figure 49. This will take you to take you take a page that has any additional details about the product. A sample of this can be seen in Figure 50.