Configurable settings for adding an existing service-data type to a plan are found in two places:

  • On the ‘New Service Data’ page itself, and
  • On the ‘View/Edit’ page for the plan to which the service-data is attached, in the ‘Service Data’ list at the bottom of the page.

These settings can be summed up as follows:

  • The only configurable setting available when attaching a data-type to a plan is the type of data to add. Since we are not actually creating a new type of service data here, we are just adding an existing type to an existing plan, this is all that is necessary.

To find out about the configurable settings that can be used when actually creating a service-data type, please consult the Jet ‘Profile Manager’ manual.

  • On the ‘View/Edit’ page for the parent-plan, you can configure whether this data type should be part of the plan’s description or not. If it is part of the plan’s description, then, when you view this plan on a user’s list of products, the value for the service data is also shown.

To see how this works, try out the example below:


Figure 47: Navigate to the plan-list for user ‘csaw’ by first clicking on the ‘User’ link in the upper navigation bar, and then clicking on the ‘Products’ link in the left navigation bar.

Making Service Data part of the Definition for a Plan