Jet’s voice billing module is included in the license fee, so Customers can now enjoy the benefits of supporting the one system for both networks.


Voice And VoIP Billing

Jet can provide converged voice and data billing, by importing CDR data from a variety of sources, including Telstra, Optus, and others. Jet can also operate in conjunction with a number of third-party systems such as Atea’s Cisco Call Manager software, as well as integration directly to Cisco’s CUCM and with PBX systems such as Asterisk, NEC, and Alcatel, to provide usage collection and rating, but also to provide authentication and cost-limiting features for pin-based dialling and prepaid scenarios.

Bill Reconciliation Report – Voice

The Bill Reconciliation Report will take a monthly provider bill and Jet’s billed information and will reconcile how much Jet is charging the users verses how much the University has been charged by their voice provider.

Voice AEnd To BEnd Call Rating Module

AEnd To BEnd allows rating a call based on the calling and destination phone numbers.


Jet integrates with a number of voice systems, including Cisco’s Call Manager and Atea’s contained front end to present a full combined solution for voice and VoIP billing.

Jet also integrates withopen source solutions such as Asterix and FreeSwitch, as well as Ericsson and NEC PABX’s along with a long list of other products. The more recent models also allow Jet to manage pin dialling for staff and students to ensure that all calls are tracked through user, not just location.