Jet Billing System is the most advanced data quota management system in Australian Universities.

Quota Management

Jet Education comes with Quota Management customisation as per customer requirements. Jet provides both post-paid and pre-paid quota management, along with a customer care portal that can include credit card payments for further quota.

IP Manager Module

The IP Manager module enables management of your IP address ranges within Jet, including mapping of static IPs to individual customers and allocation of IP blocks to pools of dynamic IP customers.

Edge Device Intergration

The edge device module provides integration and support for network devices using an edge device. For more information see Integration

Usage Collection And Reporting

A wide variety of industry-standard collection systems are supported on top of the edge devices mentioned above:

  • Radius—internal radius proxy connects Jet to any radius server
  • Netflow—allows for exact assigning of IPs or subnets to users as well as supporting automated allocation
  • CSV/text—import of data from external sources (e.g. Upstream provider’s usage records)
  • Support for usage collection from wireless networks