*Navigate to the main list of bundles using the ‘Products’ link in the upper navigation bar*

To design a new billable product, or to alter an existing one, you will be using the tools from the Jet ‘Products Area’, which you can access using the ‘Products’ link in the upper navigation bar.

You will generally begin at the main bundles list, which is the first page you see when you navigate to the products area.


Figure 41: The main bundles list. This lists all the bundles which have ever existed for a particular realm, whether they are currently active or not.

On entering the products area,  you should see a list of the product ‘bundles’ which currently exist on the system for the current realm (see Figure 41).  This display also shows whether a particular bundle is active (available to users) or not.

A product bundle can be made inactive for a number of reasons. You could wish to completely decommission the product bundle after changes in your charging structure. Or you could be in the middle of designing a product, and wish to keep the work you have already done, but not have it displayed to users for sign-up. In either case, you would achieve this outcome by making the product-bundle ‘inactive’.

This list contains all the product bundles that have ever been created on the system, as it is not possible to delete bundles, even those which have been decommissioned. This is due to past-billing and record-keeping requirements.

To avoid having this list become cluttered up with experimental product designs, especially while you are learning to use Jet, it is recommended that you design your new products in a demonstration version of Jet, and only enter them into your live Jet installation when you are happy with how they are structured. If you do not have access to your own demonstration version of Jet, you can use the online one available at our website. See the introductory section of the current manual for details of where this is located.

From the main bundles list (Figure 41), you can view or edit the details of any of the existing product bundles by clicking on the name of the bundle.  You can also create a new bundle by clicking the ‘Create New Bundle’ button at the bottom of the page.