The type of the discount used in the example above is a ‘Once off Discount’, and the value of this particular ‘Once off Discount’, for the user ‘Fred’ (who we decided to give the discount to), is $10.00.

The type ‘Once off discount’ is defined elsewhere, to be:

  1. restricted to a maximum length of 40 characters, and
  2. to be displayed during the user sign-up process as a drop-down menu.

Since the kinds of data you may wish to attach to a user or a service can vary with time and changing business needs, Jet allows you to define new kinds of service data.

To define the type of a service data item, you need to decide on how it is to be stored and represented (is it text? numeric? some other type?), its size, its name, and so on. This is an advanced topic and is dealt with in the Jet ‘Profile Manager’ manual.

You cannot define an entirely new kind of service data using any of the tools in the Products Area discussed in the manual you are reading now, you can only ‘attach’ one of the existing kinds of service data to an existing plan. To learn how to define a new kind of service data, please consult the Jet ‘Profile Manager’ manual.