To view existing kinds of service data, you need to navigate to the ‘Edit – Update Plan’ page for the plan to which the data-type is attached.

To get there, first use the ‘Products’ link in the upper navigation bar to get to the main bundles list, then click the name of the bundle that contains the plan to which the data-type is attached, and finally click on the plan itself.

You will then be able to see the ‘Service Data attached to this plan’ list towards the bottom of the page. Now you can click on the   data-type you are after in this list list. This will bring up the ‘Edit Data Item’ page for  that data-type.

Service data works slightly differently than the other Jet entities discussed in this manual. One difference is that service-data is actually created using the Jet profile-manager tool – all you can do with service data using the Plan Manager tool (the topic of the current manual), is to attach an existing type of service data to an existing plan