• Plan Id This is the unique id used by the Jet back-end to identify each plan.
  • Prepaid? Prepaid plans require a current balance to use the system; recurring plans get charged periodically for usage to date.
  • Starting Amount What to set the user’s opening balance to, in dollars (i.e. the amount of credit a user starts with). This is applicable for prepaid accounts only.
  • Balance Stored As Do we store the balance as currency, or in terms of the resources being used? Leave this setting as currency unless you’re sure you know what you’re doing.
  • Automatic Charge Should users on this plan be charged automatically at the end of the billing period?
  • Charge Registration Should a registration charge be applied to new users?
  • Charge Basis Whether this plan is applied on a per session or a per period basis. The period is measured in months. The actual length of the period will be determined later, when we set up one or more ‘fees’ for this plan.
  • Schedule Day If set (that is, if non-zero (0) ), this indicates the day of the month on which all users should be billed for this plan.  If left at 0, billing will be done one month from the registration day.
  • Radius Enabled Does the user get “network access” via dial up/wireless/etc.?  This determines whether a user with this plan can authenticate via an access server such as RADIUS.  Effectively, this setting determines whether this plan is an access plan or not.
  • Allow Plan Changes Can users on this plan change to other plans? This is most relevant when you have the ‘customer self-care portal’ enabled. When this is enabled, you may wish to allow users to login and to change the plan they are subscribed to themselves, but only subject to certain restrictions. For instance, you may wish to allow users to change from a lower-volume to a higher-volume plan themselves, but not vice-versa.
  • Allow Discounts Can sales or other administrative staff define a discounted price for this plan?
  • Tabbed Service Data Should the service data for this plan be displayed via a tabbed screen? The default is to display this data as a single html page. If you have a very large number of users, or of service-data types, displaying this data in a ‘tabbed screen’ format can be quicker to load and easier to read. This check box only operates if service data is actually present in your Jet installation.

When the Create Plan button is clicked, the plan is created with the attributes which you provided, and the view/edit plan screen is re-displayed, but this time with a success message in red text in the upper area of the screen as well as the usual material.  It is then necessary to create a set of  fees and bands to provide the scheduling and usage-based charging structure you require for this plan.


Figure 45: The Plan Fee Details screen