A fee is a regularly charged amount which does not depend upon actual usage. A fee is thus like the rent you may pay for a place to live – you pay the same amount each month, regardless of how much time you actually spend there. Fees in Jet can be periodic or one-off.

A periodic fee has a billing period attached (defined in months) that controls how often the fee is charged – every month, every 2nd month, every 6th month and so on.

Note that all plans must have at least one fee attached, as the plan uses the billing period defined in the fee for all charges relating to that plan. So, if you were allowed to make a plan which contained usage bands (discussed below) but no fees, the users would never be charged, even if they had incurred some usage charges. Jet doesn’t allow you to do this – a plan will only be made available for users to sign up to once it has at least one fee attached.

Jet does allow you to attach more than one fee to a plan. In these cases, a user must choose one, and only one of them. This allows you to give the user a choice of billing schedules. For instance, you could use this feature to offer the same plan with either a quarterly fee of $20.00 or a yearly fee of $95.00. A particular user can choose one or the other of these schedules, but not both.

Viewing or Editing a Fee

Creating or Deleting a Fee

Configurable settings for Fees