The Add Data Item page (shown in Figure 12) allows you to provide values for the following parameters for the selected data item:

  • Name: The short name of the Data Item. This appears before the value of the Data Item. (eg. Date of Birth, Business Phone Number, Username)
  • Description: The Description for the field. This normally appears on the right hand side of the table.
  • Field Name: The system normally auto-generates this field. The Field Name is the name that the Data Item is referred to in the database. You should not fill this field in or change it unless otherwise advised by us.
  • Type: What type of Data Item is it? If you are unsure then Text is probably the best option. Available types are:
  • Text – any collection of characters (any string).
  • Text Box – produces a 5 line high text box. This can take any collection of characters.
  • Phone Number – numerals, dashes, spaces, brackets (), plus signs (+).
  • Alphanumeric – a combination of letters and numerals (No punctuation symbols).
  • Menu – this allows you to create drop down menus where the user can only choose from a limited selection of options. For example, you could have a favourite colour data item and use a menu to present the user with only the following options: Red, Blue, White, Black.
  • Number – must be a numerical value. May include numerals, dots, dashes.
  • Dollar Amount – like number, except that a dollar sign propounds the output of this Data Item.
  • Date – A Data Item of the date type forces entry of a date in DAY/MONTH/YEAR format (where DAY and MONTH are drop down menus).
  • Max Length: Do you want to limit the maximum length of the information a user can input into this field?
  • Default Value (if Applicable: Do you want a default value for this data item? Otherwise leave this blank.


Figure 12 The Add Data Item page.

Data Items also have a non-changeable parameter – protected. This is set by Jet and is used to protect some Data Items that are essential to the system.

The visibility of a Data Item, as well as who can edit it is NOT set at the Data Item level, but rather at the Section level. This way you can have a Data Item like full name that is editable on the Add a New User page, but is only readable on the Edit User page.

Likewise required data items are set at the Section level.