Jet uses the concept of realms to designate a unique pool of users within a Jet installation. In general a realm normally corresponds to a single domain name, or a single geographical region.

Each realm is a completely separate space within Jet, with its own management interface, etc. In conjunction with the branding module, this allows realms to have their own look and feel, their own plans, their own credit card gateway, etc. – to basically be their own system.

Usage within a realm is generally aggregated and billed against a user (customer) in the default realm, so that the provider can bill the realm owner (VISP) for all usage under a plan defined by the provider.

The two most common uses for realms are:

  • An ASP/wholesale environment, where the provider wishes to allow others to on-sell their resources – each customer (VISP) would have their own realm with their own domain name, and be able to manage their own customer, plans, etc. entirely independently of anyone other customer.
  • External authentication, where the provider wishes to authenticate users against an external system, such as a third-party radius server, etc.

Obsidian provide Wholesale systems to a number of Telco/ISPs who re-sell their networks with an attached billing system. Please contact Obsidian if you would like to know more about this option.