User Management

Jet’s user interface allows for information about users to be easily added and managed through the web interface. Notes can be added to accounts, allowing administrators and help desk staff to keep track of any information required on the user, and a comprehensive list of all payments and invoices are also easy to view through the web interface.

Custom fields can be added to the interface, and view/edit permissions can also be managed, enabling you to set up information about clients that can be viewed or edited by specified user groups.

User Group Management is also available through the interface, so you can designate what areas your users can view and edit, as well as restricting or granting access to administrative features for sales, helpdesk and administrative staff.


Jet incorporates management of hierarchical relationships, allowing you to easily manage and view company/user information. This is typically used when you have a ‘parent’ account that should be able to view and manage ‘child’ accounts underneath it.

Hierarchies can also flow onto invoices, so that the ‘parent’ account can view and itemised invoice for all ‘child’ accounts, while the ‘child’ invoice only shows their usage.