Jet has standard and advanced reporting suites available to keep you informed on what is happening on your network.



Jet ISP & Telco comes with an extensive suite of reports that are exportable in .csv, .html and .tsv. The development of two custom reports is included in the purchase of the Jet package.

Report Server

Jet ISP & Telco integrates with the Jet Reporting Server to provide detailed reports on the network without affecting the load of the Jet server, ensuring that complex reports can be run without utilising the resources of the live Jet Server.

The system allows multiple Jets and network devices to provide real-time usage to the reporting server, which in turn presents the data in multiple formats including html, .csv and .pdf. The reporting server allows users to view and drill down into reports through the web interface, as well as presenting data in graphical, table and text formats.

Historical and current data can be reported on, with comparison reporting available on specified data, for example, usage over time x vs usage over time y