Network devices

Jet integrates into a number of network devices. This includes traffic monitoring and management devices, proxies, and wireless systems.

Jet’s integration with Network edge devices enables Jet to perform traffic categorisation, quality of service,  quota management and rate limiting. For customers utilising the hosted platform,  Jet requires connectivity to the device and that network devices be set to fail open.

Some of the supported devices include:

  • Cisco:  Service Control Engine, ICE, ISG, SSG
  • Exinda
  • Procera: PacketLogic
  • BlueCoat: SG Proxy & PacketShaper
  • F5 – PEM
  • Websense
  • Netflow and JFlow
  • and more – contact Obsidian if your device is not listed here:

Voice systems

Jet integrates into numerous voice and VoIP systems including:

  • Asterix
  • Cisco Call Manager
  • PAX and PABX systems
  • Import of custom CDRs
  • and more – contact Obsidian if your system is not listed here

Smart Meters

Jet imports smart meter data in numerous formats including

  • MDEF
  • NEM12
  • NEM13
  • and more – contact Obsidian if your system is not listed here

XML-RPC Support

XML-RPC Support gives the University an easy to use API for allowing the university to hook into Jet from existing infrastructure and Systems such as student and staff portal systems.