Jet’s online customer care portal allows new users to sign-up online, while existing users can view accounts details, usage and invoices, as well as request change of plans and other services.


Customer-Care Portal

Jet’s online customer care portal enables customers to login to the portal to view their account details, usage reports, statements and invoices.

Jet’s workflow facility allows new users to register and select specified plans online, while existing customers can change plans or request/purchase more quota.

Web-Based Interface

Jet’s interface is a native web-based interface that is compatible with all major web browsers including Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome, this means that there is no need for users to install applications to utilise Jet as an end user, sales person, accounts or administration.

Scratch Cards

Pre-paid scratch cards can be produced by Jet to enable clients to provide quota via these cards.


Jet includes a web-based colour scheme editor which enables the customer-care portal to be rebranded to match existing company colours and logo. Each Jet realm is separately rebrandable for colour scheme and logo.

In addition, Jet includes a sophisticated templating system for completely re-skinning the customer-care portal if desired. In this way, rebranding can be taken beyond changes to colours and logo to closely match an existing web site design. Documentation is available which provides customers with the necessary information to allow them to create new skins themselves if desired. Please note that proficiency in XHTML is required to develop new skins. If preferred, Obsidian can provide a separate proposal for any interface re-skinning work that is required.

Workflow Manager

Workflow manager can be applied to any process that requires a workflow, typically this is used for online sign-up and the customer care portal for user’s to change and manage their plans.