Integration With Banking Gateway

Jet integrates with a number of banks and banking gateways to provide secure credit card payments through the customer care portal. Contact Obsidian to see if your bank/gateway is supported:

Bank Reconciliation Upload or Feed

Jet supports importing payments made to your bank into Jet by providing a reconciliation process that can either be through an upload or bank feed depending on your bank’s setup. Contact Obsidian for more information on what bank feeds are available:

Xero Integration

Jet integrates with the Xero finance ( system for a holistic billing and finance solution. The Xero integration is available in one-way and two-way forms.

One-Way integration: This allows all invoices produced by Jet to be exported to Xero. You would then maintain the account payments within Xero. In this scenario, Jet would not maintain account balances, but instead would produce the month’s (or quarter, or year) invoice with the associated charges for the billing period. Once the invoice has been produced and exported to Xero, the balance in Jet would be brought back to $0, and the next month’s billing would commence. In this instance, all outstanding monies would be managed within Xero.

Two-Way integration: This form allows Jet to maintain the account balances. In this instance, Invoices would be exported to Xero, and any moneys paid to Xero would then be imported back into Jet. Likewise, any moneys paid into Jet would also be updated to Xero. This would mean that Jet would retain a full account history, and would show the current balance based around monies paid and invoices created.

Export to Finance System

Jet has a number of financial system exports that are available for. This reports can be generated automatically and emailed or dropped to a fileshare, or can be manually generated on demand.