Jet can use multiple Authentication method’s to provide comprehensive user management. Jet can use an external database source, or its own MySQL database, or a combination of the two for user management.


LDAP Integration

The LDAP module provides support for authentication of users against an external LDAP database, including single sign-on with from multiple network services including Novell and Microsoft Active Directory, and more.

LDAP Server

For authentication from an edge device, such as BlueCoat’s SG Proxy or Websense, Jet behaves as an LDAP server, allowing the device to looks up the user and their policy from Jet’s LDAP Server, and provide authentication and policy rules for each user.


Jet can work as an authoritative RADIUS server, or it can proxy RADIUS requests to an existing authoritative radius server.


Jet’s MySQL database can be used as the authoritative source of user information and authentication if external sources are not required.