This tool, shown in Figure 32, allows administrative users to set the following statuses of a selected user account;

  • Awaiting Confirmation – A created but not active state for accounts that require confirmation before becoming active.
  • Awaiting Provisioning – A created but not active state for accounts pending provisioning of service or equipment.
  • Active – An active account.
  • Suspended – A status used for accounts that have been temporarily disabled for non payment or other such infringements. Suspended accounts are retained. When unsuspended, their next billing date (for post-paid or periodic billing accounts) will be adjusted by adding the number of days they were suspended to the account – thus, a suspended account is “frozen”, and is not spending any of its time allowance.
  • Cancelled – This status is used for accounts or users that you no longer wish to be active on the system. A cancelled account will disappear from a simple search of the users. However a cancellation is not quite the same as a complete deletion. Some information about the user is retained in the Jet database for historical billing and auditing reasons. If necessary, the user can still be found and edited using the Advanced search tool. Because of this, the username for an account which has been used and then cancelled cannot easily be re-used.


Figure 32: The Change Status tool.

When changing an account’s status, you can also enter a reason for the change.

The reason given here will be attached to the account’s history, and can be used for making short notes when an account’s status is changed (e.g. “Suspended while on holidays – due back in two weeks”).