The change password tool (Figure 30) allows a user with appropriate permissions to change an end-user’s password for them.

When the change password tool is selected, the user is presented with a form which allows them to enter new details for the user they are currently working with. The username is not editable.

To update the password, the user must type or paste the new password into both the password input field and the verify password input field. These are password input fields, which display a star (*) in the place of each character typed. This is to ensure that a password cannot be viewed over the operator’s shoulder whilst it is being entered.

In addition, this form allows the user to specify both a new password hint and a password hint response. The password hint is a user-created security challenge question, which may be used by an organisation to provide an additional piece of identifying information when dealing with an end-user request. The password hint response is the answer to the security challenge question, which the end-user should be able to provide to assist in verifying their identity in interactions with the organisation.

Clicking on the update password details button submits any changes made immediately.



Figure 30: The change password tool.

All fields on this form are required. A required field is a field which must be filled in. If a required field is left blank when a user hits the ‘ok’ or ‘submit’ or ‘update’ buttons on a page, Jet will ask them to re-enter the information. If you are an administrative user, you can define which fields are required using the profile-manager – see the Profile-Manager manual for more about this. Unlike ordinary fields, required fields are always marked with a red asterisk.