The Search Tool can be found in the upper left hand side of the page.
Using the Search Tool will help you find users quickly and easily.

Advanced Searching

Using Asterix *

Jet has an advanced search you can use by adding the * (star/asterisk) symbol to your search. We can use ‘test’ as an example.

By adding the * after your search item, (eg. test*)  means you want to find something that has the characters ‘test’ at the beginning of the word. So your results may show names such as

  • test01
  • Testing
  • Testing_is_good

By adding the * before your search item, (eg. *test)  it means you want to find something that has the searched item on the end of it, so:

  • Bigtest
  • I_Love_to_test
  • mytest

By adding the asterisks before and after you search item, eg. (*test*) it means it will look for anything containing the searched topic, so:

  • mytestworks
  • hellotesters
  • all_testers_are_great

Searching for Invoice numbers

If your realm is set up to search for invoice numbers, all you need to do is add in the prefix INV.

So, a search for INV.32012 would bring up the information for the user who has the invoice number 32012.

Searching for a Service Data

You can search for users with service data applied, such as a Full National Number (FNN or DID), IP address or Meter number. Simply add in the following prefix before entering the number (don’t forget the : at the end of th text!):

  • FNN:
    • eg, FNN:0393557855 shows the user with the number 0393557844 applied to them in the service data
  • IP_address:
    • eg, IP_address: shows the user with IP assigned to them in the service data
  • meter_number:
    • eg, meter_number:1234567 shows the user with the meter number 1234567