The items accessible in Jet are arranged into groups, or functional areas. For example, all the tools which relate to editing and upkeep of a user’s account are grouped in the ‘User’ area, whilst all the tools which relate to the generation of reports are collected up into the ‘reports’ area.

You can navigate to each of these areas using the menu bar displayed across the top of the Jet interface, shown in Figure 4.

Figure 4: The two Jet navigation menu-bars. The set of contextual tools shown in this example are those which would be seen by an administrative user – an ordinary end-user would only see a subset of these.



There are altogether five of these “functional areas”  within Jet:

  • The User
  • The Reports
  • The Products
  • The Realm Admin
  • The Logout


Each of these functional areas (and the tools it contains) will be discussed in more detail in its own section below; for now, we will simply describe how to navigate to each of these sections, and give a rough description of the kinds of things you can do in each area.