The specific tools available within each area appear on the menu bar on the left hand side of the interface. So, to get to a particular tool which you need to use, you would first locate the correct functional area, using the menu bar displayed across the top of the screen. Once in the right general area, you would then use the tool menu found on the left-hand side of the screen to go directly to the tool which you wish to use.

You will notice that contents of both of these menu-bars will change depending upon the kind of  user you are currently logged in as.  An Administrator will have access to many more tools than an end-user of the system. Exactly what functionality each type of user has access to is configurable through the web interface. This will be discussed later when we cover the ‘Menu Manager’ tool, listed under the ‘Realm Admin’ Area.

For example, the “User” functional area contains the Home, View/Edit Details, Change Password, Voice Usage, Statements, Products, Make Payment, and Line Items  contextual tools.

The Reports functional area contains only a single tool, the Reports contextual tool, which is used for all activities related to the generation of reports.

The Products functional area also contains only one contextual tool – the Bundle Editor tool. This tool can be used to set up the various different plans and products which Jet will bill for and make available to your users.

The Realm Admin functional area contains several contextual tools – the Realm Details tool, the Colour Scheme tool, the Invoice Configuration tool, the Profile Manager tool, and the Usage Definitions Tool.

So, for example, to get to the  View/Edit Details tool, you would first select the User link in the upper menu bar, and then select the  View/Edit Details tool from the side menu bar. This manual will sometimes refer to such a sequence of steps as ‘Navigate to User –>  View/Edit Details’. The convention is that the first term (‘User’ in this example) tells you what to select on the upper navigation bar, while the second term (‘View/Edit Details’) tells you what to select on the side navigation bar.