There are three types of element you need to deal with and understand when managing the data you collect about your users and who can view or edit it.


Figure 9 Diagram showing the three elements that are used in the Profile Manager.

Data item.  A single item of information about a user. For example: Phone number, or Last Name. There are a number of configuration values associated with a data item such as what type of data item it is (number, date, text etc.), and a default value for the data item.

Groups related data items together. You might group first name, last name, birth date, and sex data items together to form a Personal Information section. When you group data items together in sections you also define the order they should appear in and if they are required to be filled in when in that Section. Each Section is unique and can only appear on a single Profile Page. You can however have multiple Sections with the same name.

Profile Page/Form. A number of Sections are finally combined to create a page of user data items or a form. The registration page is an example of such a page.

You cannot create new pages in the Jet system using the Profile Manager.  Obsidian will need to do that for you.  On an existing page, however, you can add, remove, rename, or reorder Sections. Within each Section you can add, remove or reorder Data Items.

You can create new Data Items using the Profile Manager.