The Add Navigation Item page (shown in Figure 21) allows you to provide values for the following parameters for the selected navigation item:

  • Name: The short name of the Navigation Item. This is the name that will appear on the sidebar for this Navigation Item.
  • Description: The description for the Navigation Item. This parameter is optional, and will appear as the title/tooltip for the sidebar items when the mouse is hovered over them.
  • Link: The link that will be followed if the user clicks on the sidebar item. This link needs to be either a complete URL (e.g. or a link of the form: /this/file where the link is relative to the base URL for the Jet instance. For example if the Jet instance is located at: and the link is of the form /red/duck, then when the user clicks on that link the server will attempt to look for:

Once you have filled in the appropriate parameters click Add Navigation Item.