All Service Data Export All user and service data for active services

All User Data Export Export all user details including product details

HTTP Proxy Gain Shows the amount of proxied gain over time.

Hits by Cache Action Show the number of entries in a given period for each cache action.

Prepaid to Credit Card Users Detailed list of users converting from pre-paid to credit card payment

Product Definitions Detailed list of all products and their attributes

Revenue Reports Lists revenue against various categories. Note that these reports show revenue only in terms of what Jet has invoiced for; they don’t take into account how much you have received.

User Email Addresses Lists all user e-mail addresses and names

User Registrations Lists all users registered in the selected period

Users on Discounts Creates a list of users on discounts

Users on Product Creates a list of users on the selected plan

View Prepaid Card Details Show status and value of prepaid card batches